Meet the new Mad Hatter

24 Aug

At a recent town hall meeting, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL)  says, “The real enemy is the Tea Party.”

Um, we’re supposed to take this Congresswoman seriously?  Really?!

A comment posted by “demmhater” on the Real Clear Politics video is worth sharing in its entirety:

Congresswoman – let’s talk about how your party has done with black people while you with misdirection ride the poverty gravy train off the misery of your own community:

(1) The Democratic Party through family aid policies have destroyed the black family.  70% of black children are born out of wedlock.   Many are born to women who have multiple children from multiple fathers.  How did this happen? In the late 60’s the New Jersey Newark Evening News used to run articles  about how Essex County New Jersey welfare agencies were throwing fathers out of the home if the mother was “on” welfare.  DEMOCRAT family assistance policies, implemented  nationwide
led to fatherless homes, which led to the ruin of the Black community.   The vast amounts of money spent on the poverty industry by government and foundations ends up the pockets of Democrat ‘community’ leaders -like Obama and probably you too.

(2) Destroyed black family means crime – you notice who is in the flash mobs?  When an entire
community is filled with single parent households you have today’s ghettos – crime ridden, drug infested, ruled by gangs.  Was it anything but Democratic policies that caused this?  This result was not unexpected. In the early 1970’s Democratic Senator Daniel Moynihan predicted that welfare policies that kept fathers out of the home would lead to the situation we have today.  But this prediction went against the grain of feminist teachings which are part of overall Democrat policies, which is that a father in the home is unnecessary.

(3) Your issue – unemployment –  Democrat policies put into place massive legal and illegal
immigration. But for this there would have been a severe labor shortage, and an opportunity once the rest of society became more open, as there was access to loans, assistance. education etc.  In 1968 the so-called “friend” of the black community, Ted Kennedy enacted legislation that brought millions of immigrants to America.  These immigrants took work in areas that had traditionally employed African Americans – the jobs that the Democrat media derisively calls ‘jobs that Americans won’t take.’   In the absence of immigrants those jobs would have paid much better wages as the only way to attract workers, and could have acted as a springboard toward better employment.   Thanks to Democrat policies those jobs are gone for African Americans.

Your Democrat party, the party of the KKK, Jim Crow and lynchings is completely responsible for what is going on in the black community – your one party Democrats, who live off and profit by the misery of the community – you are the problem, so don’t go pointing your bony finger at anyone else – you and the national media, including the all white MSNBC are precisely the reason for the problem. you think after 50 years – 50 YEARS! – your party deserves to stay in power in the black community?

It is YOU and NO ONE ELSE who are the problem lady.

Amen and Amen.


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