A short list of Obama flip-flops

17 Apr

You may recall that Dear Leader as candidate promised no more “politics as usual.”  You know, “change we can believe in,” etc.  Um-hum, yeah.  And the vast majority of Americans bought into it, completely ignoring the facts such as his lack of experience, his voting record (“present” was his vote of choice), the questionable morality of his friends and mentors, etc.  So now that he’s been in office a couple of years, please note here just a few of his broken promises:

BEFORE:  Candidate Obama promises not to use presidential signage statements, saying they’re unconstitutional and bashes Bush for using them.

AFTER:  President Obama signs FY2011 budget, but issues a signing statement to retain his “czars.”


BEFORE:  Candidate Obama promises to close Guantanamo Bay.

AFTER:  Obama restarts Guantanamo trials.


BEFORE:  Senator Obama votes against raising the debt ceiling, decrying a “failure of leadership.”

AFTER:  Obama says that vote was a mistake–he just did it for political expediency.


BEFORE:   Obama orders secret overseas prisons and detention camps closed.

AFTER:  They’re still up and running.


BEFORE:  Candidate Obama promises to air the health care debates on C-SPAN.

AFTER:  Nope–never happened even as C-SPAN’s chief executive was begging and pleading for more access.


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