A Motto to Live By

8 Sep

What does building a mosque two blocks from ground zero and building a Florida bonfire of Quran books have in common, besides the obvious Islam factor?  Well, I would say they are both bone-headed ideas meant only to stir up strife.

First to New York.  I’m convinced that the construction of the Cordoba House mosque/cultural center is akin to a jihadi victory dance on American graves, whether intended that way or not.  Though they claim they are simply trying to promote religious tolerance and goodwill, I think there’s a hint of a sneer under that veil of conciliation.

And in Florida?  That guy’s just a nut.  One report said Terry Jones’ non-denominational Christian church only has about 50 members, and he uses part of the church building to sell furniture and stuff on ebay!  But the whole world’s in an uproar because this skinny guy with a funny mustache plans to burn a bunch of Quran copies (he says it’s to protest the evil teachings of Islam which resulted in the horror of 9/11/01).

In both of these cases, there appears a legal right for the proposed actions, assuming Jones is able to get the ok from the local fire marshall.  A legal zoning right in New York and a first amendment right in Florida.  But that’s really not the issue.  It’s not about rights, Mr. President, but about propriety.  And that brings me to my favorite wise motto:

        Just because you can, doesn’t mean you ought to.

Now, the mosque can be built at that particular location, but isn’t it abundantly clear that it’s just not the right thing to do?  Those wounds are still too fresh, nine years which feel like yesterday.  And burning somebody’s holy book, no matter how questionable its teachings?   A dumb idea that certainly won’t turn anyone from Islam to Christianity.

These things just ought not be done.


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